officeIf an employee is an introvert or a person who values tranquillity, he or she probably dreads the idea of an open-plan office. Most employers want this type of office setup to encourage creative thinking and collaboration. Recent studies, however, show otherwise.

Some Australian scientists even provide evidence about the negative health effects of working in such environment. According to Dr Vinesh Oommen of the Queensland University of Technology’s Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, open plan-offices cause high level of stress, high blood pressure, conflict and a high staff turnover.

Read on to learn more about the disadvantages of an open-plan office.

Noise and Distractions

Though lack of walls makes it easier for workers to interact with each other on a regular basis, this high level of frequent interaction may only lead to noise and distractions that make it difficult for them to concentrate on their work.

Lack of Privacy

According to, lack of privacy is one of the key factors of dissatisfaction in work environments. In this type of setup, your employees feel like they’re constantly under surveillance, as computer screens are easily visible, and those who walk by can simply hear their telephone conversations.

Decreased Productivity

Noises and distractions not only affect individual employees, but also the business as a whole. When employees are distracted, they feel less motivated. This can result in decreased productivity.

Higher Rate of Absenteeism

As germs spread more easily in an open-plan office, the rate of sick days becomes higher than those in an enclosed space. According to Dr Ron Cutler, a micro-biologist at Queen Mary University of London, the crumbs that accumulate on an employee’s desk and keyboard provide a perfect place for bacteria and fungi.

Your employees are your most valuable asset. Make sure to provide them with a great office environment. If you feel like your employees are dissatisfied with their working conditions, perhaps it’s about time to redesign your office setup.

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swimming poolIt’s a fact of early parenting that small children and pool rarely mix well. Letting a toddler get too close to the pool is most likely an accident waiting to happen. Unfortunately, the danger doesn’t stop at the water.

According to industry veteran Best Pools, Inc., parents should always be aware of their children’s activities, even if they’re just walking around a pool. After all, among the over two hundred young children who drown in backyard pools every year, most don’t originate within the pool itself.

Keep in mind that children actually take their parents’ instructions seriously. So, when a parent tells them not to do something – and mean it, they probably won’t do it on their own.

The Threat From Beyond

In addition, unless the child plays in pools every week, they won’t be comfortable with chlorinated water and will stay away from it. So, why do so many kids still have accidents in pools? An important distinction is made when a parent admonishes a child for goofing in the pool. The pool is dangerous, but only the pool, the space around it is apparently safe.

Any lifeguard or safety expert knows that the threat of a pool extends well beyond the water’s edge, which is why running is almost always not allowed. Slips and falls can cause cramps and other injuries, making it difficult even for adults to get out of a pool. A toddler waddling around a pool should send caution around the entire group to prevent another tragedy.

Infrastructure Training

There are two ways to help prevent small children from playing near the water’s edge: infrastructure and training. Infrastructure means installing physical barriers to the pool so that children can’t get anywhere near the pool without the proper supervision. The only problem with this method though is that it’s pricey, and hides the pool from view, reducing its value.

Training takes a significant amount of time. Much like any other education the children will receive, the parent needs to impart the wisdom of not playing near the pool. The difficult part is having to show them the consequences of doing otherwise without harming them. Fortunately, there are training courses that help parents teach their children how to swim, and act safely around a pool.

People use swimming pools to have fun and cool off. It is only essential to observe safety measures to keep it that way.

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virtual assistantThere’s nothing new about the virtual assistant industry. In fact, it might already be nearing a decade old, if it isn’t already. People have been working remotely for employers for a while, but not many people know anything about the profession.

This strange situation’s a perfect metaphor for the virtual administration. Employers engage VAs without having to know anything about them, and the world engages the industry without knowing anything about it. But, that should end, sooner rather than later.

Virtual Assistants in the Wind

The problem with probing the VA industry stems from the scattered nature of the demographics. Trying to take any meaningful data out of this line of work is a Herculean task that most people don’t even bother with. Because of this, many myths have begun circulating on the Internet about the very nature of the industry, and the kind of people in it. The only way for people to understand VAs is to peel them back one layer of information at a time.

The only way to make a dent in the cloud of mystery surrounding the world of virtual assistants is by making extensive use of surveys. This way, data collectors can get the information, they need straight from people in the industry no matter where they are.

It’s A Woman’s World

One of the most popular myths about VAs is that the entire industry’s mostly made up of stay-at-home mothers. While surveys show that virtual assistants are predominantly female, with more than ninety-six percent of respondents saying they are women. But, there is not much information about the respondents’ marital or family statuses.

Forever Alone

The second myth says the industry is a lie because all VAs work for large companies, and still require the assistant to work in offices just like every other profession. This seems to be decidedly untrue. A vast majority also seems to like working alone, with ninety-one percent of respondents saying that they don’t have employees, and work alone. Even out of those that hired people, eight-five percent said they work with just one other person.

This is basic information, but a step in understanding why the industry never received any sort of important notice even if it isn’t hiding. Many see virtual assistants as the future template of the work place, which makes gathering information about it all the more vital.

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link removalBad links on your site can lead to all sorts of penalties and often results in tanked rankings. This is why it is important to assess all inbound links associated with your site; you need to make absolute sure that these links are not causing any harm.

Analyzing Link Profile

Detecting bad links can be a challenge, as there are no specific methods of knowing how Google will decide to penalize a site. It is still best to analyze your link profile to check if you have bad links.

Bad links may include disproportionate anchor text links, links from dead or rotting directories, and links from spammy and untrustworthy sites. Companies providing link removal services also suggest looking out for non-genuine blog comments, spun article links, non-niche directories, and profile links.

Avoiding Irrelevant Site

Links from sites that are completely irrelevant or unrelated to yours are also considered bad. Before a linking a specific site, evaluate the potential of the link building opportunity. Make sure that it has something to do with your niche. The site should have a particular focus or criteria.

Checking for Information

Credible and legitimate sites have contact information because the site acts as a portal to a physical location. You are better off avoiding sites that don’t provide any contact information or those that ask you to complete a form to contact them.

Detecting Unnatural Links

You can also try comparing your site with a competitor to spot an unnatural link profile. This will help you figure out the differences between links to theirs and yours. To find any abnormalities in your back links, you need to see site-wide links, article directories, web directories links, and footer links.

If your site has numerous bad and unnatural links, you can choose to remove the link or remove the page. Generating good links is also something you might want to consider, as it can cancel the negative effects of bad links. Good links also reduces losses in website visibility and PageRank. You can also consider a link cleaning service to get your website back on track.

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window blindsA small living room presents quite a challenge when it comes to interior design. It doesn’t mean, though, that you can’t make the space look extraordinary. Here are some design principles you can apply to make your small living room larger than life:


Due to the smaller space, it is important than every object in the room serves a purpose. When it comes to furniture, for example, you may want to choose as few pieces as possible. The more of them you have in your living room, the smaller the place will look. Additionally, choosing the fixtures appropriately allows you to minimise clutter.

Create the illusion of a bigger space by making a particular fixture the focal point. This could be the entertainment centre or a piece of artwork. Installing wall shelves also allows you to organise your items and maintain the orderliness of the living room, making it appear larger than it actually is.


Apart from the furnishings, your choice of colours dictates the mood of a room and provides you with another way to create the illusion of space. To make your living room look and feel bigger, choose bright colours such as yellow, orange, or light blue. Just make sure the colour you use complements your furniture or the rest of your theme.


One great way to emphasise beauty and personality in a living room is by using matching curtains. Curtains, however, can make the room feel confining or stuffy. Window shutters would be a great alternative. Manufacturers of window shutters Perth households trust, suggest the use of such treatments to block out the sun. Aesthetically, the sleek and clean look of window shutters also adds elegance to any room.

In spite of its limitations, a small living room can still look and feel spacious. You just need to know how to apply these three design principles appropriately.

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undergoing botoxBotox is still prominent up to this day despite some debates about it over the years. From getting rid of wrinkles to preventing excessive sweat, Botox injections have multiple benefits. There’s a high demand for Botox in Michigan and various other parts of the country because people are still acknowledging its many benefits.

Let’s Clarify: What Exactly is Botox?

Botox comes from Clostridium Botulinum, a bacterium that’s not edible, but is safe when created in the laboratory for cosmetic purposes. Before, its only use was to treat overactive eye spasms. Further studies revealed that it had several other benefits, but its main use nowadays is still to get rid of wrinkles.

Good for Migraines

Both migraine patients and doctors benefit from Botox because it virtually has no side effects, unlike other pain medications. It’s still unknown how Botox does this, but no one can deny its wonderful effects. Medical experts believe that Botox blocks the sensory nerves and relaxes muscles, making patients less sensitive to pain. Patients testify that they experience at least 50% less headaches and the severity drops, too.

Fights Hyperhidrosis

Botox also minimizes or fights hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating. Doctors usually treat hyperhidrosis with prescription antiperspirants. Patients believe that Botox is better based on their experience with both drugs. It balances the problem more effectively and prevents excess sweat for months at a time.

Men and Botox

Recent studies show that men with enlarged prostates may gain relief from Botox. Unlike some of its other benefits, Botox can alleviate this pain for up to a year after the injection. Doctors may inject Botox into the prostate gland and problems like frequent urination and urinary tract infection can diminish significantly. Some medications may cause erectile dysfunction or incontinence, but these don’t occur with Botox.

Medical practitioners continue to hope for more benefits associated with Botox, seeing the potential it keeps on showing. Be on the lookout for more ailments Botox can treat. If you’re suffering from one of the conditions above, Botox may just be the solution you’ve been looking for.

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car detailing servicesDon’t ditch your car just because it looks beat up. You spent a good amount of money to own one, so throwing a car that is still running well is just not practical. There are some ways to make your vehicle look new again. Below are some of them:

Fix Window Glass

Your car’s windshield can easily get damaged due to small stones and other elements. If you don’t address minor damages right away, they may grow worse. For bigger damages, however, consult your auto-insurance policy first before you buy a new windshield. Check if you have glass coverage replacement, as this coverage is free with no deductible.

Apply Coat of Wax

Signature Detailing emphasizes the importance of auto detailing in preserving your investment for years to come. To protect your car’s paint and maintain its resale value, regular waxing is advisable. Applying a coat of wax as a regular maintenance will not only keep your vehicle’s paint look great; it also costs you a lot less compared to repainting the whole thing in the future.

Check the Steering Wheel and the Dashboard

Check if your wheel is deteriorated. If it is pitted, adding a simple cover can make a huge difference to how your car feels. A dashboard cover is also a good investment.

Upgrade Electronics

Shoot your car into the present by replacing your outdated sound system. You may also want to add a GPS device to guide you through the best possible route and avoid traffic jams.

Clean any Filters in the A/C

Your car’s air conditioner can suffer from bacteria, mildew, and mold buildups from time to time. So make sure to clean it regularly. You should also use car-freshener to finish things off.

Replace Tires

Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Ignoring them not only gives you slight discomfort, but they can also become a major safety issue. Tires can alter your performance on the road, so make sure you choose the right size. You can check your car’s manual or the manufacturer’s website for the correct tire size.

Who says you need a new vehicle when you can transform your shabby car into chic. Keep these simple tips in mind and you’ll definitely enjoy your old car for years.

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propertyDuring the mid-70s, the housing market recorded the average price of a home to around £10,000, a low price that would not stay that way for long. Over the next ten years, housing prices would rise by 300%, and land at around £40,000 on average because of the economic upturn.

Most people would look at these numbers and frown themselves into oblivion. But, even though most people will complain about high prices, but the people at explains it is actually a good thing. High house prices are actually a reaction to economic progress, because more people have the means to buy property.

Falling Down

The increase in demand pushes prices up accordingly. Telling economists that they are doing their jobs right, and keeping the country competitive in the global market. But, as fast as the 80s brought prosperity to the UK, it will – just as quickly – disappear.

The recession of the 90s did not affect the country as badly as other countries around the world, but many people felt the consequences almost immediately. Unemployment exploded during this period, nearly doubling from 1.6 million to three million in three years.

Getting Up

Property prices dropped to almost pre-80s levels, but nobody had enough money to buy anything. It was the worst economic situation the UK endured since the Great Depression sixty years prior to the Second World War.

Fortunately, the country was able to recover after the first quarter of 1993, and enjoyed steady growth for the next five years. The UK regained pre-recession levels around 1998, and adequately shielded itself from the Asian recession happening around the same period.


The first quarter of 1998 recorded average property prices around £80,000, and the trend of growth would continue for nearly a decade. During that period, the UK rose 90% faster than every Eurozone nation except Spain, reaching its peak in 2007 when property prices averaged £210,000. But, just like in the 90s, prosperity would not last very long.

The Wall Street crash in 2008 dealt a heavy blow to the country, much worse by far than the one in 1990. Fortunately, thanks to the somewhat more united UK government, the country managed to stop the bleeding a year later. Economists forecast a return to pre-recession levels by this year if nothing unfortunate happens with the situation in Ukraine and Syria in the coming months.

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new home buildersThe housing market has been on shaky footing the past few years. Of course, different economic factors contribute to this, but Australia is seeing a more stable future, particularly in Brisbane.

Earlier predictions have shown that the city will remain a top pick for the next three years. After all, figures have projected impressive nominal growths in house prices in the area. So far, the prediction holds true, as the area’s house prices rose by 7% in the past year.

It’s quite evident enough if you look around. The area’s leading new home builders continue to receive projects and build new properties. Brisbanians have different factors to thank for this.

Population growth

Perhaps the biggest contributor to this trend is the rising population in Brisbane. Although the CBD may seem crowded, people from other cities and countries continue to pour in and create a demand for quality housing. Common supply-demand logic dictates that house prices will increase in areas near the CBD, as the demand continues to increase whilst the supply struggles to cope. On the other hand, other areas in Australia will remain flat in terms of property prices due to the oversupply of properties and lack of demand for a dwelling.

Interest rates

Since 2008’s financial crisis, interest rates have been at a 40-year low, with the current standard variable of 5.95%. This has prompted the affordability of houses at the moment and contributed to the attractiveness of Brisbane as a good location for a new home.

National economy

The national economy also plays a role in this phenomenon. At the moment, the Northern Territory and Western Australia are experiencing a setback, mainly because of the wavering mining industry. As a result, prices fall flat and growth slows down. Contrast this to the thriving economy of Brisbane, where everything is going well so far. Of course, consumers would head to Brisbane more, increasing the population and driving house prices up.

When you’re investing in Australian real estate, Brisbane is one of the best places that should be on your list. After all, given how these factors come into play, the city is and will remain in a very good spot for the years to come.

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wifi connectionNo matter where you are, you will see people using smart phones, tablets, laptops, and other mobile devices to connect to the Internet on the go. Walk around the streets today, and you will observe that some food and retail establishments have a “Free Wi-Fi” sign posted on their doors.

Offering a free connection not only encourages people to come in, sit, and maybe order a drink or two, or shop a bit; it also has a number of added benefits to your trade.

Attract New Customers

Wi-Fi allows businesses, such as restaurants and cafes, to attract customers they have not attracted in the past. Many people are hesitant to sit alone in a cafe, but a 2013 survey found that 53% of people would be comfortable to sit alone if Wi-Fi is available.

Wherever your business is, be sure everybody knows about your free amenities. Say your business is in Johannesburg, make sure that you work only with connectivity experts in South Africa like, and make sure that you put up a sign so people would see that you have free Wi-Fi they can connect to.

Low-Cost Advertising

Instead of employing traditional advertising strategies, which is quite an expensive option to promote your business, you may offer Wi-Fi in exchange for customers sharing an offer or promo. The average Facebook user has around 190 friends—that is 190 more people that can see your advertisement. Make sure that your content is of high quality, or else your business will be at risk for negative publicity.

Customer Analytics

Some Wi-Fi networks require a registration process, which often includes the entry of details like name, gender, age, mobile number, and e-mail address. This valuable marketing data will allow you to connect with customers on a more personal level. Another advantage of using social Wi-Fi is that you can monitor who goes in at what time, how often they come in, and how long they stay.

Differentiates a Business from Competitors

Product, price, and quality—these three things were the old means for businesses to differentiate themselves from one another. However, developments in technology are slowly forcing businesses to rethink this approach. Many people are using mobile gadgets to connect to the Internet, and providing free Wi-Fi will help you gain a significant advantage.

Free Wi-Fi should not only be something you offer to keep up with the rest of the high street—use it as an instrument to deliver a better customer experience.

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