school tripsTours have been a historical part of the education system. In the past decades, pupils have ridden buses and explored zoos, museums, theatres, institutions and historical sites. Of course, this is all part of the concept of holistic learning – teaching children more than just basic numeracy and literacy.

But what exactly do school trips develop in children? Different studies point to the following traits:

Critical thinking

One of the key benefits of a school trip is how the pupils pay more attention to details and remember certain occurrences and factoids about what happened during the trip. Beyond this, tours also develop critical thinking, and two studies show how school trips do so.

The first study, a US-based research, has noted of the increase in observations that students make about a certain topic after their school trip. The essays written for the research sported more descriptions and observations coming from the students.

Furthermore, a UK-based analysis has noticed how a tour of the zoo has improved the writing skill of pupils by up to nine months. Memorable experiences contributed to the development of their skill levels, helping even those who struggle in essay writing.

Historical empathy

A tour outside the school exposes pupils and students to diversity – in people, in places, in time periods, in events and in ideas. In effect, the school tour broadens the experience of a child and teaches the importance of appreciating and understanding what happened in the past. A school trip fulfils one of the main objectives of teaching history: imparting a clearer perspective on different times and places.


Speaking of diversity, school trips also help develop tolerance. With the diversity of opinions and ideas, children learn how to agree and disagree with different points of view. In the span of a few hours, pupils hone their skills in expressing their opinions and being more tolerant of those who disagree with their thoughts.

Other than fostering attention to detail and interest in museums, school trips help pupils become more critical, empathic and tolerant at a young age. Children welcome a more holistic approach to learning and recognise what really matters in the world.

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work in makatiEveryone wishes to land their dream job – the one that will allow them to make full use of their knowledge and skills for career progression. Makati City is the place for young Filipino professionals looking for opportunities to better their lives because it is the business capital of the Philippines. Almost all major local and multinational companies have a home base in the city.

Dealing with Stress

The National Capital Region of the Philippines is rather expansive, and for those who live quite far from Makati, muscling their way through public transportation can be excessively tiring. It can affect your performance at work, and cause you to feel anxious as you prepare to head out for the day.

According to, ‘The most convenient way to work in Makati is to reside within the city itself. There are many land developers that have built Makati condos and apartments with the young professional in mind. You can now own a Makati house without going broke. A Makati condo doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg anymore, as you can find a condo, apartment, or house that’s just within your price range.’

Why Live in Makati

Living in a condominium, apartment, or house in Makati allows you to use you time efficiently instead of wasting it on the road. Aside from living near your workplace and cutting commuting costs, there are a lot of other benefits to living in Makati. Considering how it is one of the richest cities in Metro Manila, this city continues to develop its facilities and services.

Since Makati is a well-developed and cosmopolitan city, there is a notion that living in the area is expensive. While it’s true that the city is home to upscale restaurants and establishments, there is also an abundance of alternative options for those living on a budget.

It is not necessary to buy a house in Makati to experience the convenience of living near your workplace. By renting a condo or apartment, you can get pretty much the same thing, too.

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agingPeople over 65 years old are at risk of having neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. The cases for each condition vary from different parts of the world. In the US, Alzheimer’s affects more than five million Americans and is the sixth leading cause of death in the country. Parkinson’s, on the other hand, affects a million people, with therapeutic surgery costing about $100,000 dollars per person.

If your loved one suffers from any neurological disease, it’s best to understand their condition to make sure that you provide them with the right treatment and proper care.

Alzheimer’s Disease

In the documentary Extreme Love: Dementia, Louis Theroux discussed how dementia and Alzheimer’s affects a person’s way of thinking. It showed that people with advanced stages of the condition have trouble remembering their own name or some basics of the English language.

It was also noted that caring for those afflicted isn’t always easy, as most were confused about certain situations. There is no cure for Alzheimer’s yet, but there are available medications that may slow down the development of the condition.

Parkinson’s Disease

According to the US National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), about 50,000 cases of Parkinson’s disease are diagnosed each year. The total number is hard to assess because it is not diagnosed until the disease has progressed. Parkinson’s is a movement disorder that leads to difficulty with balance and coordination.

Just like Alzheimer’s disease, there is currently no cure for Parkinson’s. Treatments are available to improve the symptoms and maintain the quality of life. and Parkinson’s care centers in Provo, suggest supportive treatments like occupational therapy and physiotherapy.

Caring for a love done suffering from a neurological disorder is a full-time job. You can consult memory care centers, but it is still helpful to be there for them. It is also important to note that not all patients respond well to treatment. Some may only experience mild symptoms and disability while others may have extreme symptoms. Your understanding and patience are important to help your loved one.

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moneyFinancial instability sometimes drives people to juggle two or more jobs at same time. With the rising prices of commodities, saving is a practicality everyone needs to do. The pressure to save money is a reality for people of all ages. Although this is the case, nothing in the rulebooks is stopping you from taking out a loan.

Some people get loans to buy a house, start a business, or secure other necessities. According to loan company Utah Money Center, the best way to use loan money is for getting a new or used car. Here are some tips on how you can manage your finances as early as now:

Control Your Credit Card Debt

One of the most common financial responsibilities in the US is credit card debt. It’s important not to be too dependent on your credit card every time you buy things. Interest rates increase each time you fail to pay on time. If you are unsure whether you can pay on schedule, it’s better to avoid credit cards.

Make an Emergency Account

The uncertainties in life highlight the great importance of having an emergency account. Set aside at least 10 percent of your earnings every month and deposit it into this account. Stored money should be good for about six months in case of sudden job termination, and it should only be used for emergency cases such as accidents and health problems.

Set Up a Retirement Plan Now

Even if it is just your first day of employment, making a retirement plan is important because there are no guarantees on your financial future. Retirement may be decades away, but saving as early as possible makes it easier retire early since you’ve already saved enough money. You won’t have to double your effort in your late 50’s just to achieve a retirement goal. If your employer offers a 401(k) Plan, you better grab that deal.

Managing your finances is part of handling your life. With these tips, you can be assured of a stable financial future.

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yogaWhen we hear about aerial yoga, one of the things that come to our mind is its safety. Of course yoga lessons make us fit and healthy; still, when you are hanging upside down from the ceiling, with a sheet of cloth, you can’t help but worry if it may cause health problems. Inversion is a body position where your heart is higher than your head, and this is a common position in some yoga practices.

Improved Body and Health

Others are concerned about their face getting red when they invert, but it has been proven that it is good since it increases the blood flow to the brain, eyes, skin, and hair, giving them more oxygen and nutrients to function better.

One of the effects of inversion is improved body posture, and according to AntiGravity Fitness, ‘We are constantly chasing potions for youth and have learned how to hide our wrinkles; however, it is our posture, agility and ease of movement that often shows our age the most. We are only as young as our spine is flexible and our mind is open.’

Believe it or not, inversion can make you look beautiful. Aerial yoga improves body posture, making the body show grace, poise, and sophistication. You will look younger as good blood flow will lighten up and give glow to your skin.

Not For Everyone

As inversion requires an upside down state of the body, it is not recommended for pregnant women, persons with a history or risk of stroke, high blood pressure/hypertension, heart disorders, or an eye condition. Inversion relieves spinal pain, although this it is discouraged for old people with osteoporosis as it is dangerous for the backbone. Persons with bone weaknesses and recent fractures should not practice this, either.

If you really want to do aerial yoga, you can consult your doctor before doing it to avoid having health problems. Instead of helping you, it might just put you more at risk.

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apartmentLooking for an apartment in a new city is always exciting, but also comes with its difficulties. Luckily, there are many different tools to make the search easier. The real challenge, though, is often what lies ahead. Visiting the place, talking to the landlord, and getting to know people around the neighborhood are important parts of making the right decision.

According to Apartments Makati, careful research and assessment are important parts of the process. Here’s what else you need to know about searching for the perfect apartment in Makati:

Do Your Research

Don’t waste your time on apartments that suck. Do you research first to know which apartments are actually worth checking out personally. Narrow down your search by looking only in communities that interest you and that fit whatever budget you have set.

Evaluate the Neighborhood

Don’t go directly to the property and talk to the landlord. It’s always better to take a tour of the place. This will help you form an unbiased opinion about the neighborhood and surrounding areas. Check if the people are nice, if the amenities satisfy you, and if the atmosphere matches your preferences. You can also browse through the website or ask people who live in the area what it’s like.

Meet with the Property Owner

If you decide to push through with the signing of a lease, then it’s now time to talk to the property owner. Call the landlord to set up a meeting. Ask any questions and don’t leave anything left unturned to avoid miscommunication. Don’t leave until you get answers to all of your questions.

Check the Contract Carefully

After saying yes, the landlord will get you to sign a contract to finalize the deal. Carefully assess it before signing to protect yourself from possible trouble. Know your rights and ask questions if anything seems unclear. A trustworthy landlord will give you straight answers and won’t hide anything from you.

Going through this process surely and safely will give you confidence that you’ve made the right decision.

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Google’s software for powering its smartwatches, called Android Wear, is finally here.

Android smartwatch


Image by conxa.roda | Wikimedia

The search engine giant has launched the LG G Watch, Samsung Gear, and Moto 360 Live wearable devices running its operating system, giving consumers the first big look at its wearable platform.

The $229 watch from LG and the $200 Samsung device are now available for pre-order, the company said, while Motorola’s watch will launch “later this summer.”

Google and other tech companies have been looking to wearable devices as a new market opportunity, while tablet and smartphone growth slows.

Mass appeal

Industry experts believe Google’s new move could drive sales.

“The problem with smartwatches so far has been that the sector hasn’t quite decided what it wants to be – is it a phone on your wrist or an accessory device,” Steffen Sorrell, from the Juniper Research consultancy, said in a statement.

“Once you introduce Android Wear, it will hopefully provide a more focused case for what the devices are capable of. And that’s a direction that could invigorate the market.”

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Lockets are a unique kind of jewellery, because they don’t just hang on to the people that wear them. They serve as a vehicle for sentimental thoughts and memories, and many people use them as mementos for loved ones who have gone far or passed away. Thus, people tend to hold on to their lockets longer, and defend them with a passion from strangers who ‘don’t understand’.

Having a locket, though, is a good conversation starter because it makes people curious about the picture inside. Of course, the pictures inside lockets are intended to be private, but you can show it to others if you like. The only problem there is that you need to find a meaningful picture that isn’t embarrassing or disturbing.

Thinking of a good picture to go in a locket can be challenging if you consider that it’ll be the one image you’ll be carrying around all the time. It has to be something special, and fits perfectly in the space allotted. Virtue keepsake lockets even up the ante a bit by introducing personal designs, to make the message even clearer.

Now, here’s where we deviate a bit from the tried and true path of selecting locket pictures. When most people hear the word special, their thoughts automatically go to people, whether those people are significant others, children, or best friends. Locket pictures are notoriously predictable to be of the Homosapien variety.

The special ‘tag’ doesn’t have to be limited to people you know, or people at all. If you met someone who had a locket picture of his or her late cocker spaniel, would you think they were strange? Possibly, but it’s a sweet gesture all the same.

There’s no telling what will touch our lives in significant ways, so there’s no point in expecting that they’ll be on two legs, or even alive for that matter. Special applies to literally anything; the only arbiter is you and your experience.

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roosterA group of researchers has identified the “danger zones” in parts of Asia, which can be vulnerable to deadly bird flu virus H7N9.

Published in Nature Communications, the research included parts of Bangladesh, India, Vietnam and Philippines as threat zones that can be vulnerable to the spread of H7N9.

Danger Zones

According to the researchers, the map did not show the route that the spread of the virus will take, only the areas vulnerable to the infection.

“It is a risk map showing, if the virus arrived to an area, how likely it would be to spread and continue from there, “ senior spatial analyst at the International Livestock Research Institute Dr. Tim Robinson told BBC.

Among the risky areas are Bangladesh, northern India, the Mekong and Red River deltas in Vietnam and isolated parts of Indonesia and the Philippines.

Cases of H7N9 Human Infection

Since 2013, two epidemic waves of virus H7N9 have greatly affected China, with more than 400 human cases reported. The virus has continued to roll its toll by already killing 62 people and infecting 433 more.

The previous records, however, show the majority of human cases were related to exposure to live-bird markets, where poultry trading happens. The documents also indicated that there is no human to human transmission that has happened.

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AnesthesiaCompared to local or regional or local anesthesia, general anesthesia is likely to cause more side effects, as it affects the entire body. Fortunately, most of the side effects are relatively minor and easily manageable.

General Anesthesia’s Effects

This type of anesthesia suppresses different automatic functions of the body. These include the heartbeat, blood circulation, breathing, movements of digestive system, and throat reflexes. According to, the anesthesia specialist should keep a balance of medicines while monitoring vital body functions. An endotracheal tube is commonly used to assist the patient in breathing.

Complications of Lengthy Procedures

The common side effects of lengthy surgical procedures include nausea and vomiting. It is normal in procedures like abdominal surgery. In general, however, vomiting or nausea after receiving anesthesia is treatable with medicine, known as antiemetics.

A combination of antiemetics is used for patients with many risk factors. Doctors also offer it in the recovery room to manage post-operative nausea and vomiting.

Hours or Days after Receiving Anesthesia

Sore throat or hoarseness may also occur in the first hours or days after receiving anesthesia. This side effect is rare in regional anesthetics, but common in general anesthetics. This is common for women less than 50 years old and may last for about three hours or more.

Patients suffering from sore throat don’t need to worry, though. Doctors use anti-inflammatory and freezing medication as a treatment for the condition. There are also over-the-counter products that may reduce the pain of sore throat.

Common Concerns of Patients

Many patients are concerned that they may wake up during the procedure or feel the pain of surgery. Awareness during general anesthesia, however, is very uncommon. Hospitals and medical centers pay close attention to the use of methods to prevent it. Health infrastructure and centers also get comprehensive clinical anesthesia to administer the right methods even in challenging situations.

Most hospitals and reliable clinical institutions obtain anesthesia services to provide exceptional anesthesia management. This also promotes high-level operating room performances and improved clinical results.

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